Thursday, 23 March 2017

Makeup faves

Hi dolls,

I'm back again with a new kind of post for you!

As of recently I have started to change my makeup routine and I'm trying to leave my comfort zone/products so I can discover new and better things. 
Sometimes when you're comfortable with your routine you kind of get stuck with the same products, which is not a bad thing unless you start to feel like what used to work for you is not quite doing the same job anymore. 

Bobbi Brown has definitely become my new makeup obsession, I'm really loving their products and the girls at Bobbi are always super friendly and helpful.
I've got a whole wishlist of products from them that I'm slowly growing into my collection.. 

So let me talk you through the products;

  • First off my Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream, I've been on a hunt for a good eye cream for a while and discovering this one is kind of like magic. Just like the name says, this eye cream is very hydrating as it's got cucumber extracts in it and lots of other good stuff. I also tend to suffer from dry eyelids and this has really helped smoothing them out before I apply my makeup. What I also love about this eye cream is that it acts as a primer too! Who doesn't love a 2 in 1, especially when it's magic in a pot. 
  • Next is my Bobbi Brown corrector in light peach, just like a lot of other people I also suffer from dark circles, mine are mainly due to lack of sleep to be honest so only I can take the blame. This corrector however comes in so handy as it literally gets rid of all of the colour and just give me a brighter, cleaner canvas before I put on my concealer. I mainly use this and the concealer when I go out or I have an event to go to as on a day to day basis I keep my makeup very minimal. I love the fact that they have multiple shades of these so you can colour match them to your own undertone and skin colour. 
  • Right after my corrector I go straight in with my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit in 'warm beige. This products comes with a powder as well so you can set it straight away. Again love this, combined with my corrector this combination works perfectly to get rid of my dark circles. A little does go a long way as the product is quite a full coverage, leaving you with a very bright finish!
  • So we all know the famous Nars 'Orgasm' powder blush, what I never knew is that it also comes in a creamy version. The Nars multiple in 'Orgasm' is probably one of my favourite discoveries recently. If you are like me, you probably love a good highlight, but what I really love is to just have a dewy look, which powder highlighters don't always give you. This one however acts as a subtle blush and highlighter and it gives me the most beautiful, dewy healthy looking skin. I adore this!!!! It does come in different shades so if you're not into peachy shades there are other colour options too. I would really recommend this!
  • Most of us love a good lipstick and I definitely cannot resist a good colour. The Bobbi Brown art stick in 'rose brown' is one of those that I can never get bored of. It's a beautiful shade and it works perfectly for day and night! It also comes with a sharpener, which is awesome and the finish is matte with a super smooth consistency that does not dry out your lips. The colours lasts for ages on your lips so you don't have to constantly touch up, which is a definite plus! This is always in my bag as it always works. 
  • Last, but definitely not least is the new Bobbi Brown art stick liquid lipstick in 'Honey bare' this product has only just come out and it is sooo lovely! I chose a really nice nude shade, which again is perfect for everyday. The consistency again is super smooth and not drying, with a very subtle sheen to it. If you don't like the sheen just blotting it a bit will seal the deal, but the shades are beautiful and the colour lasts on your lips forever. 
That's it from me for today. I hope you liked this post and let me know if you have tried any of these products yourself. You can obviously tell how obsessed I am with my dear Bobbi, but their products are really worth giving a try!
I hope you guys have a good rest of your week and I will be back with more soon!

Lots of love,


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